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Testimonials & Reviews

Carolyn would like to thank all of her pupils, past and present, for choosing her as their driving instructor. Below are a selection of testimonials from former pupils

Megan A, Handsacre, 2023
Super amazing instructor! I was incredibly nervous starting with Carolyn, but she helped me gain confidence in myself and calmed me down when I needed.
Couldn’t recommend Carolyn enough! 10/10!

Demi W, Rugeley, 2023
Carolyn is an amazing driving instructor, who is patient and takes time when teaching. She is very good at explaining in a detailed way how to carry out the different manoeuvres. Her level of patience allowed me to pass first time. Would highly recommend to others searching for a driving instructor.

Amy W, Rugeley, 2023
Carolyn deserves a medal for putting up with me for the past 18 months!! So I want to say a big huge thank you to her for having faith in me when I didn't have any myself, she stuck with me and my erratic ways but finally she got me a pass and I will be forever grateful to her for that! She's also got a cracking sense of humour so you'r e guaranteed a good laugh every lesson! :) :) :)

Jude W on behalf of Tom W, Lichfield, 2023
I just wanted to express my gratitude in teaching Tom how to drive. Your patience, guidance and support has been very much appreciated. I would highly recommend you as a driving instructor!

Thank you.

Scott R, Rugeley, 2023
Carolyn has been very patient and supportive throughout my lessons, as well as being flexible with times. I would highly recommend Carolyn as an instructor.

Finlay J, Brereton, 2022
Carolyn was an excellent driving instructor.
She did a fantastic job at breaking down every part of learning to drive, and she did it in a way that made me feel less anxious. She was very helpful in teaching me as well as in boosting my confidence so that I could take my test, which I passed.
She has my sincere gratitude and my highest recommendation!

Angela O on behalf of Liam O, Hixon 2022
Amazing tutor with nerves of steel !
So proud of Liam passing his driving test today with Carolyn facing obstacles during lockdown/covid restrictions & delays with provisional licence.
Parents Taxi duties are finally over !
Huge thanks Carolyn would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a tutor with patience 🚗

Steven J, Rugeley 2022
I would highly recommend Carolyn as a driving instructor. I was aware that she always put careful thought into preparing my lessons as we built towards the test, and she would explain very clearly what we were going to do and how it needed to be done. She would listen to any concerns I had and answer my questions thoroughly and patiently. I enjoyed my lessons and I consider myself fortunate to have had Carolyn as my instructor. ebr>

Sue K on behalf of Theo K 2019 and Luca K, Hixon 2022
My two sons have had Carolyn as their driving instructor three years apart.
The professionalism, due diligence and care and attention.
It has been especially hard for my younger son learning to drive throughout the pandemic and all the extra stress and precautions that entailed.
However, despite all that, I am extremely happy and proud to say that with Carolyn's excellent instruction both of my sons passed first time.
I have recommended several young people and they have all passed first time too.
Thank you so much Carolyn.👍🥰🥰🥰🥰

Sophie H, Hill Ridware 2022
I am so grateful to have had Carolyn as my driving instructor. She's always patient, explains every aspect of learning how to drive really clearly, and is always willing to help with any questions or queries. Would definitely recommend her as an instructor, she has helped me to pass 3rd time with 0 faults.

Shannon T, Rugeley 2022
Carolyn is an amazing driving instructor that helped me to understand the road. She helped build my self-confidence and to understand my mistakes and how to rectify them. I will be recommending Carolyn to any of my friends wanting to learn to drive

Sophie H, Hill Ridware 2021
Carolyn is a very patient instructor who always makes me feel at ease in every lesson. She makes sure that I understand all aspects of driving and always asks if there are any particular topics that I feel unsure of or aren't confident with. She has really helped to boost my confidence in driving and if I make a mistake, she always explains how to avoid it in the future. I also feel very safe with all the covid regulations that she puts into place. Would definitely recommend her as an instructor.

Sarah R, Rugeley 2021
My Daughter has just passed first time after lessons with Carolyn. Carolyn has shown patience, calmness and gives instructions that are precise and understandable. We have been having lessons all through the pandemic which has taken longer than expected but Carolyn made sure my daughter was fully informed, felt safe in her lesson and was always encouraged to keep going. I would recommend Carolyn without a doubt to anyone. She is a first class driving instructor. And we thank her.

Christine S, Rugeley 2021
Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and support with my son - Your dedication to him paid off. Once again Thank you.

Liz B, Lichfield 2021
I couldn't recommend a better driving instructor. Carolyn has taught both my daughters to drive, and got them both through their tests on their first attempt. Thank you Carolyn.

Jake M, Rugeley 2020
Would like to thank Carolyn for her guidance and support while learning to drive. She is a great instructor that puts you at ease by being patient and gives guidance where needed, and in particular, made manoeuvres look less scary to tackle! Thanks again for all your help.

Reuben W, Rugeley 2020
Under the guidance of Carolyn, I was able to successfully pass my driving test first time with no faults! She made sure I was fully prepared for my test date. Finally, I would highly recommend her as an instructor. Thanks for all the help!

Charlie G, Rugeley 2020
I would highly recommend Carolyn, she is a brilliant instructor, getting me and my brother through our tests at ease. The car is excellent to drive and Carolyn teaches so that you are able to pick up things as quickly as possible. It was a pleasure learning with Carolyn.

Craig J, Rugeley 2020
I would just like to say a massive thank you for helping me past my test. I would highly recommend you and will be doing so to people I know wanting to start their lessons

Maria C, Cannock 2019
Massive thank you to Carolyn for helping me pass first time with only 3 minors! I did the semi-intensive course which enabled me to quickly build my confidence on the road. Carolyn is a lovely, welcoming instructor who gives clear and concise instructions making you feel calm when behind the wheel. She is a fantastic instructor!

I definitely recommend her and the intensive driving course.

Josh A, Rugeley 2019
If anyone is looking for an excellent driving instructor then I can't recommend Carolyn enough.
Sharp and observant she will bring you up to a good standard of driving so that you will be more than prepared for your eventual test.
I had some reserves about driving for years but through Carolyn I managed to pass first time with only three driving faults.
I thought I would have been extremely nervous but I felt so confident in my ability that I was calm and collected throughout the test.
So thank you Carolyn for your help in getting me on the road.

Emily G, Burntwood 2019
Carolyn is a fab instructor. I had previously started learning but gave up pretty quickly. However, Carolyn helped me to enjoy driving and believe in myself. Carolyn is very friendly and made me feel at ease. Thank you so much!

Cameron D, Rugeley 2019
Carolyn is a brilliant driving instructor. She was supportive and I was always comfortable in the drivers seat. Every lesson I was learning and improving thanks to her guidance. I can now say I feel safe and confident whilst driving thanks to Carolyn.

Katy G, Rugeley 2019
Carolyn is an amazing driving instructor who really helped me to improve my confidence. She really put my nerves at ease and is great company while driving. Carolyn's friendly approach really helped me to enjoy driving and I really enjoyed our conversations we would have while on a lesson. I will miss our lessons. I would recommend Carolyn always. Thank you so much for everything!

Ryan W, Rugeley 2019
Carolyn is a great instructor. I could barely drive when I started lessons with Carolyn, however she persevered and has helped me pass today. I will not get the words: "Full lock" out of my head anytime soon, however I can say I fully recommend Carolyn, as she is always on time, explains thoroughly through things, and teaches you with good methods that I will continue to use now passed.
Thank you very much.

Emily M, Rugeley 2019
I just want to say a massive Thank you for all your hard work you have been superb!!!! I couldn't have passed my test without you!!!!
Would highly recommend if you are thinking of starting your driving lessons!!!.

Dorina C, Rugeley 2018
Thank you so much Carolyn. Such a lovely lady, very supportive and patient and she made me feel very calm and relaxed. 
She gave me the confidence to persevere until I  passed my test.
I would recommend her to everybody learning to drive.
She is an excellent instructor.

Emily K, Rugeley 2018
I started my driving lessons with Carolyn in September 2017 and as a very nervous driver and someone who, at first, did not enjoy driving, Carolyn's encouragement was what made me pass first time. Carolyn's friendly approach made driving lessons not just bearable for me, but enjoyable and she made me the more confident driver that I am today. Carolyn was always punctual and it was very easy to get into contact with her and her replies were always extremely quick. I will miss our weekly chats which made driving lessons feel like they were too short, as she was so lovely to talk to.
Thank you

Kyle B, Little Haywood 2018
Carolyn is a fantastic instructor! Before I met Carolyn I only had 2 hours of driving experience. After doing 30 hours of intensive training with her I managed to pass first time! Was such a great feeling! I highly recommend her service and doing an intensive course.

Thank you

Dave G, Rugeley 2018
From complete novice to pass in 30 hours!
I started my driving lessons with Carolyn in early November 2017 and after choosing the 30 hour intensive course I passed first time in mid February. I had never been behind the wheel of a car before so it was a nervous time for me but Carolyn made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She went through all the information step by step and was always a calming influence. Carolyn is easy to talk to and has a vast knowledge of what's needed to pass.

Thank you Carolyn

Stephen M, Rugeley 2017
Carolyn taught both my teenage boys to drive. I cannot recommend her highly enough because her friendly, professional and caring approach got both of them through at the first attempt. I have run out of children but if you are looking for great tuition I recommend Carolyn without reservation.

Conner G, Rugeley 2017
Carolyn is an excellent teacher. She knows the field very well and without her I wouldn't have passed my test as positively as i did. Furthermore, I had 1 lesson a week which she always based around my ability and never made me feel uncomfortable. Block booking would be recommended for getting value for your money, especially for first time drivers wanting to book their first lot of lessons, like I did.
I would like to thank Carolyn personally for not only helping me through the driving test, but also giving me driving skills for life.

Roma C, Cannock 2017
First time pass!!!
A massive thank you to Carolyn for teaching me to drive.
I did an intensive course which was 30hours and then you do your test. Previously I had different driving instructors and didn't get anywhere or felt comfortable. Carolyn made it easy and comfortable whilst teaching me to drive. I learnt so much and felt safe to drive. Thank you for being patience with me and getting me through it. I miss our weekly chats! I would definitely recommend Carolyn, especially if you haven't had the right instructors in the past.

Meg A, Rugeley 2017
I would like to thank you for helping me pass my driving test first time! From my first lesson you put me at ease and believed in me. I would recommend you to anyone, thank you again,
Thank you so much for your time and helping me x

Carol J, Rugeley 2017
I would first like to say Thank you  Carolyn for your patience and your skill in getting me through my test.  I am an older lady and felt very at ease and confident with Carolyn beside me . I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone young or old .  I wish you continued success with your career as an instructor and will miss our weekly drives together .  Thank you again you have changed my life

Ellie M, Hednesford 2017
I started my lessons with Carolyn on the 14th of September and after 6 months of learning I finally passed on the 29th of March! Carolyn has been an absolute pleasure to have as a driving instructor with a huge amount of patience and support whilst learning. I was very nervous as to starting my driving lessons once turning 17, however after meeting Carolyn and having her as an instructor made me overcome my nerves and pushed myself to achieve goals which I didnt think I was able to do! This personally reduced the amount of nerves on my test day making me a lot more settled and relaxed about the challenges i may have faced during my test, this was all down to knowing that I would be supported by Carolyn which ever the outcome would be!

Nick R, Abbots Bromley 2017
I just wanted to say a big "Thank-you" for getting Peter through his driving test.
You must have the patience of a saint.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective candidate or to a parent looking for someone to teach their child.
Once again, thank you so much!

Monique M, Rugeley 2016
I instructed Carolyn to take over my daughters learning after wasting a year and getting no where with another local instructor. After spending a few weeks with her, Carolyn has come up with the goods and a pass has been achieved today!!! Fantastic and would recommend this instructor to any one.I have a 16 year old son who will definitely be going to her to learn.THANK YOU AGAIN X

Clarice M, Cannock 2016
To Carolyn, A huge thank you to Carolyn for helping me pass my driving test first time! After a couple of years of having different instructors and felt like I wasn't progressing, I wanted to have an intensive course with a female instructor and came across Carolyn. I cannot recommend her enough; she is by far the most friendly, patient and reliable instructor, and has helped me gain so much confidence behind the wheel. And now, thanks to Carolyn, I finally have my independence! Thank you so much!

Aiden O, Armitage 2016
To Carolyn, I would like to say thank you for your time, you made your instructions easy to follow and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for sorting my test and everything out. Thanks to you I passed 1st time.
You're a nice kind hearted person and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.

Morgan C, Rugeley 2016
I would like to say a massive thank you to Carolyn Whitehouse for her guidance throughout my learner driving experience. I can honestly say I found driving with Carolyn extremely enjoyable, when I doubted myself Carolyn would encourage me all the way. She’s a very reliable instructor who was always on time to every lesson. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Thank you for getting me to pass first time!

Beth S, Rugeley 2016
A massive thank you to Carolyn Whitehouse for her encouragement and guidance throughout my learner driving experience.
She's an extremely easy going, humourful and professional instructor, providing clear feedback regarding both praise and areas for improvement.

She has imparted valuable wisdom concerning both driving and other areas of life I will carry with me into future endeavours.
A brilliant instructor, who will encourage you never to give up, whose mentality and teaching got me to pass 1st Time!!
Thanks for everything.

Dan P, Rugeley 2016
Many thanks for getting me through my driving test today. I have passed first time. My lessons have been relaxed, professional and timed around my work. I recommend your services to everyone, I enjoyed my tuition very much.

Kerry S, Rugeley 2016
I would like to say a very big thank you to Carolyn. After 21 years of on and off lessons with another instructor I swapped to Carolyn and I've finally passed my test first time. Whenever I doubted myself she always told me I could do it and encouraged me. She was so patient with me and kept doing things until I was confident with it. She's such a great lady with a fun sense of humour. I would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. Thank you again Carolyn x

Katie O, Rugeley 2016
Learning to drive with Carolyn was an experience that I can honestly say I found extremely enjoyable. With very little experience in a car before my first lesson, she made me feel completely comfortable and at ease from the start. While being incredibly supportive and reassuring, giving clear instructions and guidance when first learning, she would then
encourage me to make decisions for myself- something which I feel has resulted in me becoming a confident and independent driver. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone looking for a reliable and encouraging driving instructor who you'll enjoy every moment of learning with!

Hannah Y, Lichfield 2016
Carolyn is a lovely driving instructor, who has made my experience of learning to drive very enjoyable. As a young driver, I had no experience whatsoever when I started. However, with Carolyn's useful advice, I immediately felt very comfortable and safe in the car. She is a very reliable instructor who was on time to every lesson and was always available to contact. She's someone who is very easy to talk to and will have an answer for any question you throw at her, however spontaneous they are! Everything was explained to me in detail so that I was aware of what and why i was doing something, which helped me think more independently. She also has great knowledge of what examiners expect, which really helped to prepare me and calm my nerves before my test. It was good to see we weren't restricted to just Lichfield and that our routes varied each lesson, making it feel like a more meaningful drive, not boring at all. In addition, her lessons are structured in a way to help bring the best out of you, covering a range of roads and manoeuvres, raising your confidence and gradually getting more and more advanced. WIth her guidance and patience, I'm happy to say I passed first time! I would definitely recommend Carolyn for driving lessons for anyone who is looking for a friendly and down to earth driving instructor.
Thank you Carolyn!

Mark D, Armitage 2015
Carolyn is a great driving instructor who was able to calm my nerves from the get-go. She would very clearly go through each and every step and would give me feedback on everything that I needed to improve on. She was always completely fine with any rearrangements that had to be made and all in all was an awesome driving instructor to be taught by! :-)
Thank you again Carolyn!

Paige W, Rugeley 2015
Learning to drive with Carolyn has truly been a fun experience. With her relaxing manner I have been able to stay calm when entering a vehicle for the first time, as well as passing my driving test with just 2 minors from learning with her. She gave me confidence within the first few lessons we spent driving after I told her I was incredibly nervous to start, & have enjoyed driving with her ever since! A great instructor who has been a pleasure to learn with.
Thank you Carolyn! :-)

Liz B, Lichfield 2015
Thank you Carolyn for getting Amy through to passing her test in less than a month from her first lesson with you. I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. You have been a fantastic tutor from start to finish. Brilliant. Thank you again.  

Lucy D, Lichfield 2015
Carolyn is everything you would want from a potential driving instructor; reliable, punctual, accommodating and most importantly encouraging. She stays in touch throughout the process so that even when there is an issue you know about it in advance! The free assessment for those who have had lessons before is a great idea and means you are confident that you are going to be getting the right number of lessons for you. She is always very calm and patient and I would definitely recommend her to anybody starting to learn to drive. Thanks again!

Ellie G, Lichfield 2015
Carolyn really is a fantastic instructor and a really lovely person to spend lessons with. I did an intensive course, and found the many hours spent with her flew by and I really enjoyed every single one of my lessons. She is incredibly supportive, as well as being clear and concise in her instruction and provides you with really good constructive criticism, so you are constantly improving. As well as this, Carolyn adapted to my personality immediately and knew exactly how to teach me in a way that was best for me, making me feel entirely comfortable from the very beginning. I honestly don't think I could have asked for a better instructor and I cannot recommend her highly enough!  

Lucy H, Lichfield 2015
As an older learner, with a number of previous lessons under my belt, I was looking for a driving instructor who would be able to help with my nerves and improve my confidence in driving. Carolyn was just the person for the job! She was relaxed, friendly and really took the time to get to know you. Through Carolyn’s careful tuition, I was able to pass my practical first time and with flying colours. I would never have believed it – but Carolyn did. I could not more highly recommend her to anyone, young, old, whether you have driven before or it’s your first time in a car. Thank you Carolyn, Lucy  

Jess L, Sandhills 2015
Carolyn is the best driving instructor I could have asked for. She's incredibly patient and persevering, despite the amount of mistakes I made! I always felt at ease with her, and passed my test with only 3 minors! Thank you Carolyn :-) :-)  

Louise M, Rugeley 2015
Carolyn was recommended to me by a good friend. I'd had a few lessons before but after a long break decided to try again. After my FREE induction she recommended the 15hr intensive course. She was always calming, friendly and put me at ease. I took my test yesterday and not only did I pass first time but I did it with a clean sheet - no minors. I can't thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Carolyn xx  

Tom G, Rugeley 2015
I got in touch with Carolyn after having failed my first driving test some years ago. I needed someone would be able to help me through the parts of the test I felt least confident with, and Carolyn calmly and patiently guided me through the 'tricky bits' until I felt sure I would be able to pass my test. I passed first time under her instruction, and with only 15 hours of lessons (including the test) she really did deliver! I can't thank her enough for all her help and would recommend her to anyone who needs a reliable, patient and punctual driving instructor.
Tom :)

Sophie B, Rugeley 2015
I can’t thank Carolyn enough. I was a nervous learner and it took me a while to gain the confidence to believe I could do it. Carolyn helped me each step of the way. She is a great teacher and extremely reliable. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone learning to drive, no matter what your confidence level. Thanks again Carolyn! :)   

David A, Rugeley 2015
I started learning to drive over 15 years ago then had a long break. Moving back to the Midlands I found Carolyn through recommendations on facebook. She is a great instructor with both patience and professionalism in equal measures. I was put at ease immediately and anything I was unsure of was covered until I was happy at doing it. Finally I have my independence so a BIG thankyou to Carolyn A+ from me  

Jantana, Rugeley 2014
My name is Jantana and I live in Rugeley. I am Thai and I got through my test with Carolyn. She is a very good teacher and I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with English because she is very patient. Thank you Carolyn!  

Aimee P, Burntwood 2014
Having already passed my theory test, I wanted to pass my practical test quickly, and so even with no prior driving experience, I booked the 30 hour semi-intensive course. Carolyn’s calm, friendly and professional personality enabled me to gain confidence behind the wheel. Her dedication and commitment to her pupils is outstanding and therefore I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive, but especially those needing or wanting to learn quickly. I passed first time, with just four minors, thanks to the honest help and advice from Carolyn. I really couldn’t ask for a more reliable, punctual, or successful instructor.  

Gary W, Rugeley 2014

In all honesty I have used a few different driving instructors over the years but Carolyn is by far the most professional. Very calm, reassuring and knows how to push you in the right direction without sounding nasty about it. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone looking to pass their test. I think I had 15 hours including my test and got 4 minors out of a maximum of 15.  

Lucy D, Rugeley 2014

I haven't got enough praise for Carolyn,after failing my test 5 times previously (with other instructors) spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time my confidence was completely gone to the point of prescribed remedies from my doctor. After my free consultation Carolyn built my confidence again hour by hour until I was ready for my test and finally passed first time :))) Her punctuality,mentoring and belief are second to none and comes highly very recommended,anybody learning to drive would be crazy not to learn or should I say PASS with Carolyn. Thanks so much L xx

Melissa W, Cannock 2014
After trying several instructors within my home town and being unsuccessful at passing my test with any of them, I recently moved and decided it was time to try again. With no confidence in myself what so ever, but was determined to do it, I started with Carolyn less than a month ago.
I booked a block of 10 hours and within that time she built my confidence up and got me to believe in myself again. Carolyn is genuine and down to earth, I am glad I was taught by Carolyn.
I would recommend to anyone who wants to be able to pass their test. It took a month to pass theory and driving tests.
Thankyou Carolyn.

Dave M, Lichfield 2014
Can't say enough good words about Carolyn, polite, punctual, reliable and always fitted my lessons and tests in. Would recommend Carolyn to anyone who needs a driving instructor and will be booking my partner in with her very soon.

Thankyou Carolyn

Josh J, Rugeley 2014
I started learning in Eastbourne with a different instructor, but after moving back to the Midlands I needed to carry on my lessons. My partner passed with Carolyn and couldn't praise her enough for her teaching, so I decided to book in!
Booking my lessons was never a problem, even when I had to re-arrange, Carolyn was always accommodating.
During the lessons Carolyn was always calm and we got on well. Carolyn always told me what if I was doing something wrong or need to do something differently straight away, which I found really helpful as my last instructor didn't do this. With the 1.5 hour lessons I really felt I was gaining more and more confidence with each lesson and when Carolyn suggested I book my test, I felt I was ready.
I booked my test and passed with one minor!
I really, really must insist that you book in with Carolyn NOW.
Excellent instructor, very friendly and great to chat to.

Sarah T, Hednesford 2013

During the semi-intensive driving course, Carolyn was absolutely fantastic. She was aware of how nervous I was (I had no previous driving experience and was used to being on the opposite side of the road) and managed to keep me calm from beginning to end. Clear instructions were always given and she provided me with encouragement and constructive feedback on my driving. Not only that, Carolyn was punctual, reliable and friendly. I passed first time and can’t thank her enough for her support and belief in me!
Thank you :)

Lesley B on behalf of Charlie and Tom B, Lichfield 2012, 2013

Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching Tom and Charlie and helping them pass their tests first time. You have been brilliant - very tolerant and patient. We will continue to recommend you to everyone. Thank you.

Lee S, Cannock Wood 2012

Learning to drive is a daunting experience; before I began I expected to be thrown in at the deep end, however Carolyn is the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel. It didn’t take her long to build my confidence both in the practice and for the test.

When the day for the test came, I felt well prepared for the practical, I felt comfortable in knowing that Carolyn had gone over every aspect fully and thoroughly and that she couldn’t have possibly prepared me any better than she had, this was shown through passing first time round.

For a fantastic instructor, someone who can make you feel at ease and prep you for the big day; there is no one better than Carolyn.

Charlie B, Lichfield 2012

Carolyn was recommended to me after not having much luck with other driving instructors. I had an intensive course of 20 lessons in the space of one month. In the lessons Carolyn always made me feel comfortable, filled me with confidence, answers any questions and was always on time.
I passed my test first time and she couldn't have made me feel any more confident about taking my test. Overall she is an excellent instructor and I couldn't recommend her more!! 

Jennifer V, Cannock Wood 2012

As an American living in a new country, I needed to relearn many rules of the road that differ here in England. Carolyn was extremely patient, kind, knowledgable, direct and professional.
She prepared me for the practical test in about 6 hours of lessons! Her insight and teaching gave me the skills necessary to pass the practical test in just one go!
Thank you Carolyn for all your help! You're fantastic!

Becky P, Rugeley 2012

Carolyn taught me to drive this year (2012), throughout my driving lessons I thought Carolyn was reliable and punctual. On the day of my test Carolyn helped reassure me and boost my confidence and went through any concerns I may have had. I passed first time and just want to say a big thankyou!

Pippa T, Lichfield 2012

I learnt to drive with Carolyn Whitehouse and although I’d driven previously, from the first lesson she made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I was given clear instruction of how to approach each aspect of driving, guidance to improve and encouragement on the things I did well. I would recommend Carolyn to any learner who wants to be a confident driver, passing my test was a brilliant feeling!

Emma O, Rugeley 2011

I did not think that I would ever pass my test, me being a mature lady, let alone pass first time - both theory and practical and its all down to you for reassuring me and helping me through it every step of the way so a big thank you again Carolyn.

My daughter took her pass plus with you and was very happy that you helped her through it. You are now teaching my youngest daughter and there is no doubt in my mind that it wont be too long until she is driving around. You are a great tutor and have become a good friend.

Amie P, Rugeley 2010

My name is Amie. Carolyn taught me to drive in 2010. In my opinion, Carolyn is a great instructor. She is reliable, punctual, and has plenty of experience. Carolyn helped me feel calmer and more relaxed during my lessons. Unfortunately, I did not pass my practical test first time, but Carolyn helped me rebuild my confidence and I passed second time round.
Thank You Carolyn! :)

Laura C, Rugeley 2009

Passed first time with Carolyn in 2009, Carolyn was reliable and punctual she was always able to fit my lessons around me and still keep them regular.
Never thought I'd pass!! Thank you

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